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5 Important Factors For An Efficient Landing Page

Do you know why landing pages are so important? Because it’s on the landing page that you get to “talk” to your potential customers and convince them to buy/use your product or service.

To make it clear and easy to understand, let’s imagine a situation. Let’s say that I have a product on CPA that costs $37 and I put up some ads on Facebook promoting it. Then, you see one of those ads while using Facebook and decide to click on it to see if there is anything interesting on the other side. Now, imagine that right after you click on the ad the page redirects you to Paypal for you to pay the $37 fee and access the product. No sales page, no information, just the ad and then Paypal.

Would you make the payment? No? So, why should the person who click on a dating ad fill out a form right after clicking on an ad?

You need the landing page because it’s on the landing page that you talk to the person on the other side and convince them to complete the offer.

Most offers have general pages that are designed to be suitable for any type of traffic. However, those pages are not designed spcifically for your audience and, therefore, may not touch the right points to get people to complete the offer.

So let’s see the 5 main things you can do to make your landing pages effective.

1. Make people stay

Your very first challenge when people reach your landing page is to get them to stay and see what you have to show them. And you have few seconds to do that.

People will have a look on your page and will rapidly think: what is in it for me? If they don’t find a good answer for this question, they will leave. This is not a conscious process, but it does happen.

So, make sure that you expose a strong benefit in the headline and make people curious about the service/product you’re promoting. If you fail at this point, you will lose lot’s of traffic on the landing page.

2. Touch the right points

Often times we test campaighns that don’t convert. Then, we change just 2 words in the headline or call-to-action and boom! The conversions start coming.

You get the conversion when you touch the right point, when you say exactly what people need to hear.

So, test different approaches and don’t give up if the first test doesn’t bring intresting results.

Finding the right thing to say isn’t always an easy task and may require patience and persistence.

3. Visual (not design) is important

You don’t have to have landing pages with a fancy design full of Photoshop effects.

However, the visual impact that your lander causes on your visitors is VERY important. This impact doesn’t necessarily come from the design (it can be simple and effective as long as it doesn’t look suspicious), but from the images that you use on the lander.

Images also pass a lot of information, so good landing pages don’t have just good copy, but also nice images.

The images also have to transmit or indicate a benefit that’s on the other side, which is the reason why they will complete the offer.

So, besides testing different headlines and and copy, also test different images and see what impact they have on the CTR and even on the conversion rate of your landing page.

4. People like to read bullets

Never use endless blocks of text on your landers, because they turn people down. Remember, it’s a landing page, not a book.

Use bullet points to pass information and get people to read your content and understand why your offer is interesting for them. The bullets should be short and straight-to-the-point. Always expose benefits and not features.

5. Tell people what to do

People obey orders. Tell them what to do. Use a strong call-to-action and tell them exactly what they should do next.

For example:

Click here and browse profiles

Again, it’s not a conscious process, but they are way more likely to click on the link if it’s an order.

I hope these 5 tips help you improve the quality of your leanding pages. Follow them and you will skyrocket the conversion rate of your campaigns!


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