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How To Use The Right Colors To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Maybe you will be surprised, but the colors that you use in your landing pages may have a significant impact on the conversion rate. When we expose someone to an offer, they have to make a decision, they have to decided whether they want to complete it or not.

The process of making such decision isn't 100% conscious. The subconscious, the instinct also plays an important part in this game.

The way that people feel about the offer, the "messages" that your page sends to their subconscious while they're on the landing page can excite them about the opportunity or turn them down and make them give up on completing the offer.

If you ignore this aspect, you may end up creating a bunch of "great" landing pages that simply do not convert.

There are many aspects of the page that can affect the customer's subconscious (positively or negatively) such as design, images, graphical elements, etc, but on this post I'll focus on the colors and help you choose the best color schemes for your landing pages.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the colors of your page shouldn't make it harder for the visitors to read the content. Internet users are naturally impatient, so if it happens they will get annoyed and will instinctively close the window/tab or hit the back button.

Where you have text use a light, soft color on the background. Also, use dark, easy to read fonts.

Another important aspect is that the colors transmit sensations, ideas to us and we naturally associate them with things and feelings.

You have to know what you want to transmit to your visitors, what you want them to feel about your offer so that they will decide to give it a go. Once you know what's your goal, you have to use colors that will help you achieve it.

Here are the most common meanings/associations we attribute to the colors:

Red – danger, stop, emotion, hot, dynamic, passion

Blue – peace, trust, safety, technology

Green – growth, positive, healthy, money

Yellow – attention, wealth

White – pure, clean, honest

Black – serious, heavy, sophisticated, death

Grey – integrity, neutral, mature

Brown- organic, healthy

Golden – special, elegant

Orange – energy, positive, warm

Purple – mystic, noble, authority

Pink – young, female, modern

Be careful when using the colors to avoid exaggerating. You still want to have a nice design, but if you use the right color schemes it can help you achieve better numbers with the campaigns.

Another important aspect is to consider is the patterns that people are already used to. For example, people are used to orange and yellow buy buttons, so a blue or red button may have a negative effect.

People are used to blue links, so changing the color of the links may decrease their click-through-rate.

So, as I said above, use the right colors, but do it wisely and without exaggerating.


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