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Little known traffic sources

Facebook and AdWords.

When someone is new to the online advertising world, those are the only traffic sources they know.

They believe that making their online business successful depends 100% on dominating one of those 2 giant advertising platforms.

Of course, it's not exactly a misassumption, but it's a very limited way to look at things. There is a whole world of possibilities outside those crowded platforms and, sometimes, those alternatives may even represent an easier start for "newbies".

In fact, almost every time that I host a webinar or talk to a beginner audience, I ask them about the traffic sources they use and the most out of the box answer I can expect is Bing... Well, there was a time when someone said 7Search and that made day! (not because that is a traffic source I'd recommend, but simply because it was at least a "different" answer)

So, I decided to make this post to share some of the other traffic sources that exist out there and that are relatively simple for beginners to use.

If you're an intermediate or advanced media buyer, you are most likely familiar with all the advertising platforms below.

However, if you're just getting started and still haven't tried to to explore the world outside Google and Facebook, you may find some nice gems in this list.


Huge RTB platform. It used to have better quality traffic, but you can still play around with it. Their interface and campaign set up are a little complex, though, so you need to study and test small in the beginning.


This is a big advertising platform that supports many different types of ads... text ads, banners, interstitial ads, etc... You can get volume and nice CPC rates.

Pinterest Ads

Fast growing social network. It has good volume and can be very newbie friendly.


RTB platform similar to SiteScout. They have acquired other platforms and have good volume, so worth checking out.


It's been around for a long time... probably not the best ad technology, but they still have good traffic with fair rates.


One of the best mobile advertising platforms, special for CPA marketers. It's not hard to use and it's not so difficult for beginners to find their first winners there.


Similar to Go2Mobi... probably a little bit harder for beginners to use, but a nice second step.


Same as Airpush, not as easy as Go2Mobi, but very similar platform and good for CPA marketers.


The former TrafficVance. Big PPV/CPV network. Not the cheapest alternative in the market, but definitely one of the most reliable ones.


Similar to ProperlMedia, but requires a lower initial deposit, so it can be a better alternative for beginners who are on a tight budget for testing campaigns.

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