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  • Learn 7 ways to approach your prospects - pt 1

Learn 7 ways to approach your prospects - pt 1

Copywriting is a combination of art and science. And this skill is essential for internet marketers of all levels. So, always study and learn as much as you can about it.

Below are 7 different types of approach that you can use on your landing pages, ads, websites, etc to engage people and get to perform the expected action.

1. Conversation

This is a more direct, personal approach. It's when you talk directly to the prospect. It's like if you were having a friendly, intimate conversation with them and talking about your feelings, experiences, etc. Things like "I've struggled with this before", "I know how it feels" and "this is how I solved my problem" are used very often in this type of copy.

For this approach you don't have to be an expert, you can just talk to people naturally as if you were talking to a friend. But, of course, you still should talk about your product with passion and conviction.

2. John Lennon copy

When John Lennon asked the people to imagine a world without war, heaven or hell, countries or religions; he was using a powerful resource for persuasion: imaginative copy.

And you can also tell the prospects to imagine things while they read your copy. Tell them to imagine moments, feelings, situations where they're no longer struggling with a particular problem.

Terms such as "close your eyes and imagine", "pretend that you are..." are used very often with this type of copy.

You can give people a great experience, because they are probably looking (maybe desperately) for a solution for a problem and then you tell them to feel how it will be after they get rid of the problem. They will obviously enjoy that feeling and, therefore, will be more likely to buy your product (the solution) after that.

3. Long copy

This type of copy is based on the idea that the more you say the more you show.

If you believe that you will have just one chance to convert your prospect, then you may want to use all the resources available.

For example, while reading the sales copy, it's normal for the customer to come up with some questions. If you find out what questions come to people's mind while going through your copy, then you can provide them with the answers on the copy itself.

This type of copywriting is used more often for email promotions, when the marketer can send a series of emails about a product. But, of course, when using this technique you have to make sure that you're engaging people and that at the end of every email you're giving them a reason to read the next one.

4. Killer poet copy

When using this type of copy it's important to understand that your goal isn't to look intelligent or charming. Your goal should be always the conversion.

However, in this case you should try to reach the goal in an elegant, stylish way, engaging people as if they were reading a story or even poetry.

This is a nice way to be creative and make the copy entertaining and easy to read.

In the next part I'll show you other 3 types of copy that can also be very effective and help you improve your conversion rate.

Stay tuned!


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