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3 Practices To Avoid With Google

Google's algorithm and polices are always changing, but there are a few things that Google has been rejecting for years and that some marketers still overlook.

So here are 3 things for you to be careful with:

1. Link farm

Link farming is when there are many similar links spread across several pages on the internet pointing to the same website. People usually do this to get backlinks and improve their PageRank, but Google has improved their evaluation system and almost always detects this practice. So, be careful with the link farms, because they can end up generating a punishment for your site.

2. Hidding content

Some comapnies and individuals create content that's not relevant for the end use, but that Google can read with the intention to improve the rank of some pages. It can be done using a simple CSS parameter to hide the content (display:none) or other similar resource. However, Google considers this type of trick illegal and punishes websites using it.

3. Duplicate content

Never ever copy content from other websites. It's important to make your site grow and show Google that you always have fresh information, but Google is interested in information that he still doesn't have. If you just publish what others have already published, Google won't be interested. Also, copying other people's content is illegal and will also make your site to be punished.

It's important to follow Google's guidelines, because just one bad idea can ruin months or even years of efforts to make a website competitive on the search engine.

And one thing to keep in mind is that Google always likes websites that deliver real, useful content to the visitors, so think about your visitors before thinking about your ranks and you will be rewarded!


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