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4 Tips to improve the design of your banners

The banner is a very important element, because the CTR of your banners will determine the cost and volume of your campaign. That's why you should think very well when designing your banners.

Here are 4 tips that will help you make your banners more efficient:

1. Set a goal

How do you want to make people feel with your banner? What do you want to tell them? Determine if your goal is to make people feel happy, sad, uncomfortable, excited, curious, etc. A banner has to transmit something, make people feel something so that they will click on it.

For example:

The banner above transmits a feeling and engages people.

The banner below does the same, but is more focused on getting people to perform an action.

2. Keep it simple

When creating and optimizing banners, usually less is more. Your banners shouldn't be "crowded" and full of elements. It has to be easy for the end-user to look at the banner and understand what you want to tell them.

Here is an example of what you should NOT do:

Now, see how a simple banner can be more efficient:

3. Colors

The color scheme is also very relevant. Each color has a meaning and will make people feel in a different way. This is a subconscious process. That's why you should have your goals very well defined, because then you will be able to choose the right color.

See some examples that illustrate this:

4. Message

Just like the design, the copy is also very important. It's the image that will grab people's attention, but they will decide whether they should click on your banner or not based on your copy.

The design and copy have to make sense together. Keep the goal you set in mind and then make sure that the copy also focuses on that. If you don't do it, you can make the banner confusing and lose effectiveness.

Apply the 4 tips and you will start hitting a better CT with your banner!


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