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A decisive factor: trust

When someone doesn't perform the action that you want them to perform on your site, there are 4 potential reasons for that: they don't need it, they don't have money to buy it, they're not in a hurry or they don't trust you/the product.

Among the 4 factors, the one that the seller/advertiser can influence the most is the last one. But for you to get rid of that problem, there are a few things that you must do.

- Make it easy for the end-user to verify all the information you provide

It can be done by showing them testimonials, partnerships with other sites, brands or individuals that have a positive reputation, success stories and case studies, etc.

- Show your visitors that you know your stuff

Make it clear for them that you're an authority in your niche and that you have knowledge and experience that can help them get rid of a specific problem.

- Show that you and your site are trustworthy

Show people that you're real and serious. You can show your team (if you have a company) or simply give people information about yourself and show them that you're real.

- Be reachable

It should be easy for people to contact you. It will show them that you are transparent and has no reasons to hide.

- Professional design

The experience that the user has on your site is important to determine how they feel about you and your business, so make sure that the design shows professionalism.

- Simplicity

Keep it simple, don't flood the site with images and too much information, go straight-to-the point and make it easy for the visitor to find the important things. Going through the information your site has to be a smooth and natural process.

- Updates

Constantly post updates on your site, blog, fan pages, etc. It will make people see that you're always offering fresh information and relevant content, which will improve your credibility.

Make these tips part of the way you manage your presence on the internet and you will certainly see more engagement and a better response from your audience.


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