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3 Ways To Capture Leads From Facebook Pages

Facebook is one of the best traffic sources available nowadays and it can help you generate huge amounts of quality leads in pretty much any niche. All you need is the right process to engage Facebook users.

1. Grab people's attention

Users usually don't see with good ads posts and ads that try to sell or promote something right away. So, you have to show them something interesting first, engage them and make them feel comfortable before you ask them to perform an action such as a sign up or a purchase. Test different approaches and find out what's the best way to make people feel comfortable when interacting with your content.

2. Deliver useful information

Make your page interactive, create promotions and viral actions and always deliver relevant content to your audience. Create contests, polls, etc and reward people who participate with nice gifts such as ebooks, videos and courses. This type of action engages people and make them trust you.

3. Make your customers promote you

Many people don't realize it, but the best tactic to promote a fan page is to get the fans to spread the word about it. So, make sure to keep your followers always active on your page. Get them to like and share your stuff and always tell them to leave a comment. Engage people and make them attract their friends to follow you as well. A positive/active relationship with your current fans can be the easiest way to attract new fans and leads.

By using these strategies on your fan page you will notice an increase in the number of interactions and fans, making it easier for you to capture leads and achieve better results.


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