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The power of information

Perhaps you will think that it makes no sense, but many people make the mistake of trying to sell a product without supplying enough information about it.

This lack of information can be crucial when the customers make the decision of whether they should buy your product or not.

For example:

"Used vehicle - brown, 2008/09, regular gasoline, $7,000"

Would you buy this car? Probably not, right?

It's necessary more information for a customer to make a decision. Images, videos, testimonials, detailed description, etc of the product are essential. Use smart arguments when talking to the prospect, always focusing on the benefits that they will have after the desired action (purchase, sign up, etc).

There is a company that does it very well: Amazon. They add a lot of information about all their products and do a great job selling them.

The more information you provide the safer the customer will feel to go ahead and make the purchase. Researches show that just 16% of people read the whole content, and those are the ones that you should convert. After all, if one person reads 25% of the content and decides to buy, it's fine. However, if someone reads the whole content and still doesn't pull the trigger, then there is something that you must fix.

Using the information in a strategic, smart way is important. If you learn how to do it and apply the concepts on your ads, landing pages and sales pages you can be sure that you will improve your results and get more conversions.


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