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3 Simple A-B tests to optimize your banner ads

Most of the times it's not possible simply to "guess" what banner will get a better CT or what landing page will have a higher conversion rate. Split-testing is a very important tactic that we should always use to find winning combinations and make the campaigns more profitable.

The problem comes when we have to determine what to test, since there are many elements that can be tested. Sometimes, it makes the process a bit confusing an discourages some of my students. So, here are 3 simple elements that you can (should) test and that will help you achieve better results with your banners.

1. Calls-to-action

The call-to-action is one of the most important elements of a banner. A good, efficient call-to-action can double or even triple the CTR of an ad.

But in order to find a good call-to-action you have to be creative and, of course, test different variations. Often times, something that we are confident about proves to be inefficient in the practice. That's why testing is essential.

For certain audiences, it is better to use a more aggressive call-to-action such as "buy now" or "only 3 hours left". However, for other audiences it can be better to go with something smooth such as "learn more".

Testing different calls-to-action is important, but remember not to test many other things simultaneously so that you know exactly what's the impact of each call-to-action on the performance of your banners.

2. Images and colors

There is no recipe or blueprint that tells exactly what images, graphical elements and colors to use with banners. However, these things are very important for creating effective banners.

That said, always test the same banners with different images and color schemes to find out which combinations are more eye-catching and achieve better results when it comes to engage your audience.

Sometimes, small changes in the images and colors can produce amazing results.

3. Show value

Usually, we don't have much space and time to show something relevant on an ad. For this reason, it's important that we take the maximum out of the space that we have by using few words and going straight to the point.

Analyzing your target audience and finding the best words and terms to approach with them is also important. Test different ways to say the same thing.

Very often just a word that we change on a banner bumps or ruins the CTR, so always test different copies and find out what you have to say to your audience to get them engaged with your campaign.

Split-testing is one of the most important things during the testing phase of a campaign. If you don't do it, chances are that you will end up wasting many campaigns with potential.


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