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Make it easy to buy from you

Increasing the conversions and improving the results of the ads and landing pages is a very common goal for internet marketers, and many people consider this to be a tough task.

However, it doesn't have to be such a big challenge.

A good first step is to keep everything as simple as possible and focus on understanding how your visitors think when they go to your page or see your ad. Don't make it too complicated and don't disappoint them. Remember that your visitors reach your page with an expectation, and if you don't deliver what they're expecting they will probably leave.

But there is a key point in this whole process that has to be considered. Is it easy to buy your product or complete your offer? Just ask yourself a simple questions such as "would your grandma be able to easily understand the information on your page and perform the expected action fast?".

You must always guide the user towards the desired action in order to generate the conversion. The visitors are not supposed to find out how to sign up for your service or buy your product, it has to be simple, instinctive, natural for them.

Always tell/show people what to do and don't give them many options, because it could make it confusing for them to decide what route to take. If it happens, your chances of getting the conversion will be very low.

When trying to capture leads, avoid using long forms requesting information that's not essential for your process of converting the leads, because people tend to reject sign up forms that request too much information or information that they're not comfortable sharing.

Of course, during the process of guiding the visitor towards the action you should do it in a smooth way so that the person won't be uncomfortable or maybe even consider your page suspicious.

When creating your next pages, remember to ask yourself how easy it is to understand the information and take action. Always keep this in mind and your next pages will certainly have a better performance!


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