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Campaign not converting well? Here are 4 possible reasons

On a campaign, the difference between success and failure can be on a simple click. The experience on a landing page can lead people to click to complete the offer or to leave the site. It all depends on your capacity to show them something that engages them and fulfills their expectations.

On this post we will talk about 4 very common reasons that make people leave a landing page without performing the expected action.

1. The content on the page doesn't deliver what's promised on the ads

When you claim something on an ad, people go to the landing page with that expectation. If you present the visitor to something that has nothing to do with what grabbed their attention, you will piss them off and they will decide to leave in just few seconds. It's hard to regain the trust that you lost, so be careful not to make misleading, exaggerated claims on the ads.

2. Overwhelming pages

Having too many colors, text, images, graphical elements, etc on the page isn't good. That won't convince people to complete the offer, but, instead, will make them lose focus and get lost on your page. A good landing page must be focused on the conversion, so show people just what's necessary for them to understand the value/benefits of your offer. Show the important elements first, engage them, give them a few more reasons to complete the offer and then tell them what to do (call-to-action). On landing pages, often times less can be more.

3. Call-to-action

The call-to-action is a very important element on a landing page, because people are naturally lazy and even if they like your offer they may decide to procrastinate and complete it later. So, you have to have a strong call-to-action that will take them out of their comfort and "force" them to act immediately. Many tests have already shown that just by improving the call-to-action and its position on a landing page it's possible to increase the conversion rate by up to 40%.

4. Mobile version

Last but not least, you should always be careful with the way you're treating mobile visitors. Many types of campaigns produce both desktop and mobile traffic and if you prepare your landing page to receive desktop traffic only, you may leave a lot of money on the table and make it much harder to turn a positive ROI.
These are 4 simple yet very effective tips that can bring a great improvement to the conversion rate of your campaigns if you put them into practice. So, take action!


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