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3 Ways To Boost Your Conversions

To increase the conversion rate is simply a way to increase the earnings and lower the costs. And, often times, just some small adjustments can make your campaigns produce much better numbers.

Here are 3 tips that can help you make your campaigns more profitable:

1. Don't be afraid to test

It's important to test many different ways to say or show things. Split-testing different ideas and approaches is absolutely essential in the CPA industry. If you are unsure about which headline to use, create 2 pages and split-test them to find out which one proves to be the best converting one. Test colors, images, copies, etc.

2. Build trust

There are some key elements to get a conversion: the customer's needs/desires, the customer's budget, urgency and trust.

You can have some influence over the first 3 factors, but it's not easy to do it, since they also depend a lot on things that are on the customer side. But the trust is different, because you can build it. It depends on what and how you say to your visitors. Show professionalism, create intimacy, show them that you know your stuff and that others who trusted you in the past are satisfied with the results. Also, make sure that your design helps with this task.

3. Get rid of distractions

When you send someone to your page, you know exactly what you want from them, you know what action you want them to perform. But is it clear for them?

You can distract people from the expected action. If you have too much text, images, videos, etc for the person to go through, it will take a lot of time for them to see everything and make a decision, which can make them tired/impatient and make them give up on the offer. Giving them other small secondary actions such as menus and other links can be also a way to make them lose focus.

Go straight to the point, make your pages clean and don't use too many elements if it's not necessary. Just lead people to the action that generates the conversion in a smooth way.

By doing these simple things, your conversion rate will get better and the ROI of your campaigns will have a significant improvement.


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