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Facebook Audience Insights

Audience Insights is an innovative and extremely useful tool for marketers running campaigns on Facebook. It allows you to obtain demographics, behaviors and other patterns that can help you understand your audience better.

It's also possible to create and save a specific audience. Initially, there are 3 options:

- Everyone on Facebook - it allows you to compare data of an audience that you specify with the rest of the users on Facebook.

- People connected to your fan page - you can choose data of people following your fan page to be compared with data of the rest of the Facebook users.

- Custom audience - it works with any custom audience created previously with any database. On the info page of the fan pages you will be able to see a graph with data such as gender and age and then compare that data with your custom audience.

Besides the gender and age, the tool also shows information about people's life style. The blue bar represents the data of your audience (it can be the audience of your fan page or an audience that you specify on the menu on the left) and the grey one represents the data of Facebook users. This way, you can easily compare information of your audience with Facebook users in general.

You can also see other important things such as the education level, relationship status and other relevant demographics. There is also a graph showing the most common occupations among your audience, allowing you to know and understand a specific group of users very well.

There are also other possibilities such as to find out which are the most relevant pages for a certain audience, where people live, what languages they speak, what places they usually go to, their favorite activities, etc.

As you can probably notice, Audience Insights is a great tool with several options that can help advertisers optimize their results significantly.

So, make sure to check out the tool and use it to make your campaigns more targeted (and profitable).


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