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4 Psychological Triggers That Can Boost Your Conversions

Basic copywriting skills are essential for internet marketers, since it's the art and science of getting people to do what you want them to do (e.g. buy a product, complete an offer, etc).

On this post I'll show you 4 important psychological triggers that can help you make your copywriting more efficient and increase the conversion rate of your campaigns substantially.

1) Trust

When someone helps you or provides you with a solution for a problem, you tend to be thankful and, therefore, that person gains your trust. That's why the quote "give first, sell second" is important and can be very useful. Deliver value, get people to trust you and just then tell them to buy something.

2) Social proof

As human beings, we like to be social and become part of groups and communities. So, it's our instinct to act like other people and "follow the crowd". For example, when a fan page has many likes, we are more likely to like it as well. Or when everybody enjoys a place, we are more likely to enjoy it. So, it is good to give people the idea of becoming part of a group by showing them testimonials and telling them that X people have already joined/bought the product. This will make them more confident to take action.

3) Authority

Another very common attitude for people is to follow more experienced individuals. So, always show people that you know your stuff and that you have experience in that area. Be confident when speaking so that people will instinctively trust you and see you as an expert.

4) Scarcity

Everything that's special, unique, rare or limited is worth more. If something is always available and there is no risk for people to lose it, they won't value it. That's why you always have to create sense of urgency and give people the idea that they will miss a great opportunity if they don't act fast. Terms like "final 24h", "just 3 spots available", etc can be very useful to generate scarcity.

People's behavior on the internet is very similar to their behavior in the "real world". If you understand that behavior, it will be much easier to convince them to complete your offers. The goal of the psychological triggers is to provide you with resources that can help you touch sensitive points and get people to act fast, instinctively.

Use techniques on this post and make your ads and landing pages more effricient!


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