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4 Important Tips To Improve Your Landing Page

Sometimes, we want the visitors on our page to perform just one specific action.
The goal of a landing page is to lead people to perform that desired action. That's why landing pages don't have a menu or other features that normal sites and blogs do.

Here are 4 tips that will help you make your landing pages more appealing to your audience and convince your visitors to perform the action that will generate a commission for you.

1) Remove all the distractions

When someone visits your page, you have to guide them to perform the desired action, which can be a click, registration form, etc. In order to do it efficiently, you have to remove all the distractions. Go straight to the point, tell people what is in it for them and give them some simple reasons (benefits) for performing the action. Don't give them many external links, long paragraphs and even videos and images that are not closely related to the main action.

2) Create urgency

People are more likely to take action when we create a sense of urgency. Use countdowns and call-to-actions that make it clear that the opportunity will be gone if they don't act fast. People act impulsively, so this can be a nice way to make them pull the trigger without thinking too much about it.

3) Make your pages more specific

Make your landing page as specific as possible by mentioning things that are relevant to your visitors. Mention their age, location, profession, etc. This will grab people's attention and will engage them with what you're promoting.

4) Don't forget about mobile visitors

If you're using a traffic source that doesn't allow you to specify that you want just desktop traffic, make sure to make your landing page mobile friendly so that you don't waste a big portion of your traffic.

Mobile traffic is increasing and, often times, our campaigns get more mobile visitors than desktop visitors, and if the page isn't optimized for that purpose the conversion rate will be poor.

Usually, it's on the landing page that people make their decision, so make sure to use all the tips above and don't simply create any page expecting great results and conversions.


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